Web Application

Epicollect5 web application is hosted at five.epicollect.net.

Projects are created using the web application then users will manually add them to their Android/iOS device.

(How to add a project to the mobile app?)

It is developed and maintained by Imperial College London and it is completely free to use.

Main features

  • Drag & drop form builder
  • Single form or multi forms survey (up to 5 hierarchy forms) More info
  • Photo, video and audio recording More info
  • Barcode scanner
  • GPS location
  • Branches (Dynamic lists) More info
  • Groups (More questions on the same page) More info
  • Conditional logic (jump questions) More info
  • View data on table or map More info
  • Download data (csv or json) More info
  • Project cloning and sharing More info
  • Public or private (authentication required) projects
  • Data mapping to fit existing third party systems More info
  • Export data via API More info
  • User roles management

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