Per each entry collected, Epicollect5 add some metadata automatically.

name description
ec5_uuid The unique identifier of the row of data.
ec5_parent_uuid For child forms only, the unique identifier of the parent row of data.
ec5_branch_owner_uuid For branch forms only, the unique identifier of the form entry that owns the branch row of data.
ec5_branch_ref The name of the colum in your main form that lists how many branches you have for each entry.
created_at Timestamp when the entry is created the first time. It never changes.
uploaded_at Timestamp when the entry is uploaded to the server. Subsequent uploads, due to editing for example, will update this value.
created_by Private projects only, the email of the user who created the entry (if available, if a project was initially set as public, those public entries will not have any user linked.

Location question columns

Each location question is split into six columns, with the prefixes:

  • lat_ (latitude)
  • long_ (longitude)
  • accuracy_ (accuracy)
  • UTM_Easting_
  • UTM_Northing_
  • UTM_Zone_

The location data are provided in both decimal degrees (to 6 decimal places precision) and UTM format.

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