Survey Toolkit

Energy access organizations do a lot of surveying: of potential customers, sites, and marketplaces. Finding the best platform to manage this data can be hard. Devergy's solution, the Survey Toolkit, provides a simple approach to collecting, analyzing, and presenting field survey data.

The toolkit combines three off-the-shelf applications — EpiCollect5, Google Sheets, and Google My Maps — and works like this:

  1. Users use EpiCollect5 to create a custom survey form or data entry template;

  2. Users use the EpiCollect5 mobile app to collect geo-tagged survey data, with options for collecting data in text, photo, video, or audio formats;

  3. Users enter a script into Google Sheets to allow data to be sent from EpiCollect5 to Google Sheets, where it can be cleaned and analyzed;

  4. Users use the data in Google Sheets to create a custom Map (i.e. on Google My Maps) which presents insights in a visual format.

We like this toolkit because it’s free, highly configurable, and easy to use. We love that it’s been field-proven for a year or more, and we’d recommend this as a great option for teams that are just getting started with surveying, or otherwise finding issue with their existing surveying platform.

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